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Whisperings From a Ley Line

Updated: Jun 17

Artist - Jenny Gregory

Your Life Journey


Every life journey is distinct, yet fluid, a piece of art in motion, creating a beautiful mandala that shifts with each event, choice and new direction; like the prism of a kaleidoscope. We are born with our five senses, the tools that guide us through the development of our human potential, an innate curiosity and deep yearning to belong; to sense our spiritual connection. Our sixth sense is always with us, quietly whispering and patiently waiting to be heard…


I believe that we come into this world with the essence of who we are already intact; our own reason for being, life to be lived, new lessons to be learned, karma to be healed, losses to be experienced and growth to be had. We are part of a grander design that like us is continually shifting and evolving. The fabric of life is intrinsically connected with a web made of all life, seen and unseen, the balance of which exists in juxtapositions.  


Many of you have heard the sayings ‘we are all one’ or ‘part of the whole’, maybe you’ve had an intuitive feeling that this is right and are still digesting what this really means. I believe that this is an evolving concept but one that encompasses not just humanity but actually everything that is alive and exists, from the minutest cell to the largest galaxy, with each unit of life being the microcosm of the macrocosm. Your existence is part of this and has a direct impact on the whole. Our world would be different without you.


The glue that maintains the balance is the process of homeostasis, simple meaning, the physiological process of maintaining health. For me learning about homeostasis was the greatest aha moment in my life. I had an immediate intuitive hit that this is the confirmation that ‘God’ exists. It has been my life journey, including what I’ve learned as a healer, a student of the rhythms of the year, Earth mysteries and an explorer of sacred sites and crop circles that has influenced this theory, which I will share in more depth

 About me 


I’m honoured that Peter Knight and Sue Wallace have asked me to write a chapter for their book 'Sensing The Earth, Messages from the Wisdom Keepers', to share my story with you as it relates to Earth Mysteries, life and the Universe…I hope that my message will become clear as my story unfolds and that my perspective will be of benefit to you.


My husband Glenn and I have had the pleasure of leading tours of discovery to Sacred Sites in Britain, Ireland, France, Greece, Malta, Peru and Bolivia through our company Journeys With Soul for the past twenty four years. It has been a privilege to witness the beauty of people blossoming as they’ve shared their experiences while interacting with the sacred sites, crop circles and the awesomeness of the natural world. I’ve also been a facilitator for healing for over three decades through massage therapy, hands on and remote healing via channelling Universal healing energies.


As I’m sure that you’re aware anyone’s bio is a mere shell of who they are and what created it.

It is quite something to be in my sixty-fourth year of being and to have some hindsight to see the threads that have interwoven throughout – much like the energy currents that weave their way like serpentine dragons along the straight ley lines of Britain. The woven threads of my life have been rich colours of experience, joy, deep sadness, messiness, growth, leaps of faith and beauty. There is little that I would change.  


My Early Tapestry


It is our stories that bring meaning to our lives and when we become comfortable with sharing who we are, we also strengthen our ability to hear others. In so doing we create a healthy state for homeostasis to work its magic…


At a fairly young age I was aware of an unseen presence and felt connected to it with love. This made me appear to be naïve and vulnerable to the harshness that life offers as well, but as it was the core of my nature it has given me strength to continue through life’s adversities and relish in its beauty. In my senior yearbook, I would write ‘A million lives in one I lead’, it was the best attempt I could conjure at the complexity of my young life.


Born in the late 1950’s, there was no term for dysfunctional families at that time. They were however in full motion, unaware that families carried survival traits passed down through generations of trying to fit into society, despite tragedies and human flaws. Without going into details, I will say that my family was such a family and ripe for further dysfunction after the tragic event of my oldest brother’s accidental death in 1966. This event would be the catalyst for my spiritual seeking and desire to have a fuller understanding of the unseen world. At the age of nine I couldn’t fathom a world where my brother didn’t exist.


Unbeknownst to me the seeds of synchronicity had been sown into our reality although I wouldn’t know the word for it until years later. Before my brother died, we had lost a family dog while we were away from home. It happened to be on a Sunday, so we went to a close by church and after the service we talked to the minister who shared with us the loss of his daughter and gave us a book that he had written called ‘Anne and the Sand Dobbies’ by, John Coburn. It was a book that he had written to help families and children cope with death in their family. We were already being prepared for what was to come…


John and his family became close family friends. He’d perform the funeral service for my brother, every rite of passage to come for two generations and would be instrumental in guiding us through murky times to help that we needed. To my benefit, John’s book ‘Anne and the Sand Dobbies’ had a much greater spiritual impact on me than the church, as it was my introduction to the spirit world found in nature.


Comfort came from the love of my parents, remaining two older brothers, animals, close family friends and a love of being outside. However, as you can imagine losing a child has to be one of the most crippling things a parent can go through. Although there were untold blessings in my life, there was not just the immense pain of the loss of my brother but losing innocence and a good part of my parents to their grief. As my family slipped into years of turmoil, we all had our own meaningful healing journeys set before us. For me seeds of the wounded healer were planted…


Life healing has many phases and some of it is uncomfortable. What I learned through school, church and conditioning didn’t fit anymore; compelling me to discern what was useful or a constraint and letting go of what didn’t work. This was a necessary step in transitioning from a reactor to a co-creator. During this time, I started my family with my first husband and had two beautiful sons, who I hope now are able to appreciate their early life journey that they shared with me. In my transition I emerged from my chrysalis and my first marriage drew to an end.


I interject here another concept of homeostasis, that it isn’t limited to physical function it can also relate to the psychological realms as well. In an article in the Scientific American by, Professor Kelvin Rodolpho, he states “Homeostasis has found useful applications in the social sciences. It refers to how a person under conflicting stresses and motivations can maintain a stable psychological condition.”




While advancing my healing practice I benefited from working with an amazing group of healers at the Cape Cod Center for Holistic Medicine. Our director had the vision to hire practitioners who each offered a different modality to aid in health and wellbeing. We became friends, we travelled together to varied destinations to visit sacred sites, bartered with each other and read new ground-breaking books on consciousness, multidimensional beings and transformation. There was so much new and exciting information coming forward that I resonated with and I had found my spiritual family to share in it.


It was with this group of friends that I travelled to the Southwest of England to visit the ancient sacred sites in 1996. This was a journey that would shift the direction of my life forever. Our director, Marcia, had met an English woman on a spiritual tour to Russia and hit it off very well with her. She subsequently visited her new friend Carol in Southern England and felt guided that she should bring the rest of us. She asked Carol if she would put together a tour for us to see the sites and Carol, a bit daunted by the prospect said she would need help and knew the perfect person. Carol asked her long-time friend Glenn, who at the time ran an Earth Mysteries Group in Exeter. Glenn had never led a tour before, but he thought it sounded like fun! The people in this group have subsequently become my British tribe.


I could say that the rest is history, but it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life where all of the concepts that I had been reading about with my friends on Cape Cod were unfolding before me. We believed that on our pilgrimage there was an energetic purpose and that visiting the ancient sites, along what we learned to be the St. Michael ley line, was important for us and the wellbeing of the Earth. Interestingly, there are two definitions for Pilgrimage on the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary; ‘1: a journey of a pilgrim; especially: one to a shrine or sacred place’ and ‘2: the course of life on Earth’; the microcosm and macrocosm…


Glenn had been on his own journey of discovery for several years, that had been in the making for his lifetime, which came into reality when he read ‘The Sun & The Serpent’ by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst. He was so blown away by what he read about the energy currents that ran across the South of England that he had to see for himself if this was true. This decision for him would change his life forever as well.


As a massage therapist & facilitator of healing I knew about the energetic properties of the human body. I worked with chakras, used my pendulum to discover blocked areas that required healing, but I hadn’t heard of ‘dowsing’ at this time or Earth energy currents. On our journey, Glenn taught us about Earth energies, shared with us Hamish & Paul’s story of the Sun & the Serpent and his personal experiences of following the Michael and Mary currents along the St. Michael ley line. A ‘ley line’ is a straight line on a map that connects four or more places of significance; the Michael & Mary currents, weave like the snakes coiling around the straight staff of the caduceus. These two complimentary polarities of energy visit 99 sites along the length of the 350mile St Michael ley line as it goes from coast to coast across Southern Britain. Glenn also offered us the opportunity to dowse, reminding us that we all have the ability, we just have to allow ourselves to remember. Not surprisingly to me, I found that dowsing came naturally as I had already developed the inherent skill using a pendulum.




It was at this time that my understanding of the human body, Earth connection and homeostasis emerged. It would be years of learning and discovery to develop this concept and other lessons along the way. It was the ‘whisperings from the ley line’ that taught me my greatest lessons and ultimately healed the traumas of my past. I believe that the old and new discoveries we make are all part of the homeostatic process, allowing us to come back into balance.

True stability results when presumed order and presumed disorder are in balance. A truly stable system expects the unexpected, is prepared to be disrupted, waits to be transformed.Tom Robbins (American Novelist, b. 1936)


Leaps of Faith


I begin with the caveat that when you make a leap of faith you don’t always land where you thought… As you may have discovered on your journey, like attracts like, coinciding with opposites attract… When the silver threads of destiny brought Glenn and I together it didn’t take long to know that there was a strong attraction between us. After my trip, many conversations, letters and emails later we decided to pursue. With visits back and forth over a two-year period we had to decide if we would continue our relationship or not, knowing that it would mean a move for one of us to another country. For me this included the consideration of my sons, so of course there was a lot of thought, many conversations and ultimately a leap of faith that would change the course of our lives. As with most leaps it had its wobbly moments, but the excitement and commitment had been made.


My son Nick and I moved to England for two years, Jamie stayed behind at boarding school and came over on his holidays. It became clear that he needed us to be closer. A decision was made, and we all moved to Vermont to be together as a family. Our twelve years there was rewarding and a great part of our story. I continued my healing practice and in 2000 I joined Glenn in leading tours in Britain during the summer months.


In Vermont we began a bi-annual conference, offering speakers on Earth Mysteries, Crop Circles and Consciousness. We also introduced the concept of Earth Mysteries in conjunction with Environmentalism. We had some amazing speakers from both sides of the pond. They were exciting days! The final conference was in the spring of 2012, after which Glenn and I moved back to England full time. We continue with our tours, as well as creating tours for other groups.


In Conclusion


I would like to conclude with how my understanding of homeostasis relates to my story, has influenced my belief in a God that co-creates with us and our current world condition in ‘Covid-19’.


“Homeostasis, as currently defined, is a self-regulating process by which biological systems maintain stability while adjusting to changing external conditions. This concept explains how an organism can maintain more or less constant internal conditions that allow it to adapt and to survive in the face of a changing and often hostile external environment.”


The aspects of homeostasis that astound me are that it is “self-regulating”, “can be modified by higher control centres” and that “disruption of homeostatic mechanisms is what leads to disease, and effective therapy must be directed toward re-establishing these homeostatic conditions.” The above quoted words come from an article entitled ‘Homeostasis: The Underappreciated and Far Too Often Ignored Central Organizing Principle of Physiology’ by George E. Billman March 10, 2020.


The homeostatic “self-regulating” and “modified by higher control” aren’t in relation to your logical or heart centred self, you are wired with an involuntary process that’s entire purpose is to keep you in balance and optimum health. It is only when our well-being is disrupted by illness, disease, a bad choice or accident that human interaction can enter into the picture to aid or co-create in bringing us back into balance and even then, the tools to do so can serendipitously appear before us.


Nature was the guiding source of knowledge for our ancestors as it has been for me. The energy currents that meander around ley lines, the rhythms of the year, sacred site alignments to the sun & moon and energy hotspots have taught me more than I could dream about the nature of life. I believe that these are all part of the complex homeostatic process that exists, not just in humans but in the nature of the Universe as well.


This discovery was thanks to the silver threads of my early journey, Marcia bringing me to England, Carol inviting Glenn, Glenn sharing his wisdom and Hamish and Paul writing Sun and the Serpent… Countless intertwined threads weave through space and time in such a complex way that it’s difficult to comprehend. It calls for me to have faith in the unseen power whose purpose is to create well-being and balance in all things.


It would be impossible to not be aware of the extreme duality that is taking place on our planet today, highlighted by the Coronavirus Pandemic. This deep divide is the material that births great evolution through homeostasis. I invite you to contemplate your journey to date using your logic and heart centres and appreciating the synchronicities that have created the beautiful mandala of your life. Remember that we all signed up for being part of this life’s most exciting and inevitable homeostatic process. Prepare yourself for the evolutionary shift that we’ve been waiting for. The time is now, have faith, hang on and enjoy the ride!


With great thanks, to Source, Pete & Sue for the invitation, Glenn, my Sons & Family, Hamish, best friends, Cape Cod Spirit Sisters and Earth Mysteries tribe, for whom I’m eternally grateful...

by Cameron Broughton

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