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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
– Lao Tzu


Thank you for visiting our Journeys With Soul website and for your interest in our tours!

Here you'll find the tours we're offering in 2024. Our future tours for 2025 will be updated in the coming months. Please email with any questions about our Scotland tours.


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Stonehenge - Journeys With Soul tour to England
Mary Magdalene, Cathars & Knights Templars - 2024 - THIS TOUR IS COMPLETED

Journey to Southern France

Secrets in the Landscape: Southern England's Power Places - THIS TOUR IS FULL
June 30 - July 11, 2024 

Southern England

Knowth Mounds - Journeys With Soul tour to Ireland
Magic of Celtic Ireland - August 5-14, 2024

Ireland, Europe

Malta's Mediterranean Temples.jpg
Malta's Mediterranean Temples
Sept 27 - Oct 6, 2024 - TWO SINGLE  ROOMS LEFT

Malta, Europe

Highland Coo, Iona - Journeys With Soul tour to Scotland
Highlands & Islands of Scotland - May 2025

Scotland, UK

Orkney's Mysteries Revealed - May 2025

Orkney, Scotland

2 Walking St_edited_edited.jpg
Day Trips - 2024

England, United Kingdom 

Day Trips - For the Independent Traveller 
Glenn & Cameron Broughton - Journeys With Soul Owners

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Malta Temple - Journeys With Soul information

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Planning your tour

We're here to help you plan your Journey With Soul from the beginning to end. In order to assist with that effort we've created a page that will answer your questions as clearly as possible. Can't find the answer, we're an email or a call away!

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Why a Sacred Journey?
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Journeying with like-minded people enriches our experience and friendships grow as we share laughter, ceremony, emotions & insights. Read about the different ways to approach the mysteries of sacred sites in our Blog!

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