A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
– Lao Tzu

St David's Cathedral - Juorneys With Soul tour to Wales
Stonehenge - Journeys With Soul tour to England
A Taste of Wales & Mysteries of Crop Circles Tour

Wales & Wiltshire, UK

Land of Leylines & Legends

Cornwall & Southwest England

Knowth Mounds - Journeys With Soul tour to Ireland
Highland Coo, Iona - Journeys With Soul tour to Scotland
Magic of Celtic Ireland

Ireland, Europe

Mythical Scotland, Mystical Journey

Highlands & Islands, Scotland

We have had a cancellation and a space has opened up for a woman to share a twin room with another woman - please email if you're interested!

Carcassonne - Journeys With Soul tour to Southern France
Women's Journey to Southern France

Occitania, France

St. Catherine's Hill Winchester - JOurneys With Soul Day Trips
Day Trips

Somerset, Wiltshire - England

Day Trips - For the Independent Traveller 
Glenn & Cameron Broughton - Journeys With Soul Owners

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Malta Temple - Journeys With Soul information

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Planning your tour

We're here to help you plan your Journey With Soul from the beginning to end. In order to assist with that effort we've created a page that will answer your questions as clearly as possible. Can't find the answer, we're an email or a call away!

LOVE Letter Stamps - Journeys With Soul Blog
Why a Sacred Journey?
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Journeying with like-minded people enriches our experience and friendships grow as we share laughter, ceremony, emotions & insights. Read about the different ways to approach the mysteries of sacred sites in our Blog!