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Stepping Into Sacred Space...

Updated: Jun 18

The invitation awaits, and is always a moment away, to step into a sacred space. There are many steps to get there, but paradoxically they can become manifest in a moment of letting go and surrendering to an inner yearning that may have been with you for a very long time, quietly nudging you closer to your sacred connection.

In our articles we talk about all of the ways that you can energetically engage with a sacred site, which are coursing with Earth Energies, but it is ultimately you that is the key ingredient. We live in a fast paced world that encourages you to interpret with your logical mind. You may want to know the history, myths and beliefs of a sacred site, but if this is the total of your engagement you will have missed an opportunity and found yourself feeling incomplete.

Inevitably the sites that we visit on Journeys With Soul are sites that were held sacred by our ancestors thousands of years ago; we can speculate what drew them to cherish a spot, build a temple or leave a clue. The answer is elusive, waiting for you to engage in a quiet and personal moment, even in the company of a sacred circle of pilgrims.

If you have been called on a sacred journey, you have more than likely been building your belief system for a very long time and following your faith. Visiting sacred sites is an opening to expand and enhance your faith allowing you the opportunity to step into the unknown in a personal and sacred way.

by Cameron Broughton

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