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Why Take A Sacred Journey

Contemplating your Journeys With Soul sacred journey

Why Take A Sacred Journey?

Magic and healing happen on sacred journeys. Visiting powerful places on the Earth with conscious intent activates a personal healing process; a doorway to our deep intuitive knowing is unlocked. We believe that everything we need for our personal and spiritual growth can be tapped into in a powerful way at sacred sites.

We have supported many people on their sacred journeys and we would be honoured to be your guides through these magical landscapes and the mysteries they hold.

Opening to Mystery

In Earth Mysteries things are not always what they appear to be. It can be enlightening to look beyond reality to see the energetic patterning behind. This is one of the secrets, well known by the ancient mystery schools, that become increasingly apparent as our journey unfolds.

Secrets of Sacred Sites

The wisdom of the Earth is old; it is held in the land. Our ancestors knew this well and built their sacred monuments on power sites. Through local myths and legends and our own intuitive experience, we come to know the spirit of each place...

In the Company of Friends

Journeying with like-minded people enriches our experience and friendships inevitably develop as we share laughter, ceremony, emotional moments and insights.

Travel with the Celtic Lands Experts

We have twenty six years experience of leading tours in the British Isles and Europe and we offer you a fantastic experience on all of our tours. Each year we offer a selection of sacred site tours including England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Malta, Greece and further destinations. Visit our All Tours page to see our 2024/25 destinations!

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