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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do the tours cost? 
    To find out, you should go to our Booking page.

  • Why do we charge in Pounds Sterling? 
    We are based in England and our bank is here also and so it is more convenient for us to charge in Pounds.

  • Will I be able to share a room with another tour participant? 
    We are often able to find clients a roommate (of the same sex) but if we are unable to find someone for you to share with then you would be responsible for paying the single supplement. The earlier you book the more opportunity we'll have to find you a roommate. (If space is available, you're always welcome to find a friend to join you on the tour!) 

  • What happens if my flight doesn't arrive at the same time as everyone else's? 
    Follow our directions under Flights on the Read Before Booking page and you will then be on a flight that arrives in good time to meet up with the group. After booking you will be notified about the exact time and location within the airport that we will meet. If your flight is delayed by a long time please telephone our UK phone number to let us know and we will make suitable arrangements. If your flight is delayed by just an hour or so we will be waiting for you.

  • Will I be able to use my hairdryer or electric shaver? 
    The standard electrical supply in the UK and Ireland is 240 volts and requires a 3 square pin plug. In the hotel bathrooms there will be 110-120 volt sockets for shavers. They require a 2 round pin plug. On mainland Europe the electricity supply is 110-120 volts and requires a 2 round pin plug. If you are planning to bring any electrical appliances please bring a suitable adaptor with you. For other countries please check online or ask us.

  • What will the weather be like? 
    Always check the weather forecasts for the country you will be visiting

  • What should I bring to wear? 

  • In the UK you will need a sweater for evenings. Please bring clothing and footwear that is suitable for weather changes. A waterproof jacket is essential as are walking boots or shoes. Waterproof leggings are optional but good for rainy days.. Casual and comfortable are the key to your apparel day or night. As we will be going out to eat in the evenings we do bring some nicer casual clothes. You might want to bring something for ceremonial use. Having said all this and because of limited space in the minibuses, you must limit your luggage to one suitcase and one shoulder bag each. For other countries please check with us or check the weather forecast online.

  • Do you have any suggestions for what might make my trip more memorable? 
    Binoculars are not essential but you can bring a light pair if you have them. A camera or cell phone is highly recommended, as is a notebook, sketchpad or journal.

  • Will my dietary needs be met and what happens if I need to get supplements or healthy snacks?
    Please tell us about any allergies, food intolerances or preferences on the relevant section of the Booking form.
    There are plenty of wholefood stores in UK so please do not worry about obtaining vitamins and healthy snacks. For those of you who are vegetarians nearly all hotels and restaurants have a veggie selection. Herbal teas are not standard in all restaurants and cafes but they are readily available in the wholefood stores. You might wish to bring some with you if you have an unusual favorite variety. For other countries please check with us.

  • How should I bring money to spend?
    Most credit and debit cards are accepted widely in stores and restaurants worldwide. They can also be used to obtain cash from all banks and ATMs. Please notify your bank and credit card company of the countries you will be visiting to avoid your card being blocked by fraud protection measures. Visa and Master Card are widely accepted but some stores do not accept American Express. For any other credit cards we advise you to contact your own bank for information. We recommend getting cash from ATMs using a debit card as the easiest, safest and cheapest form of getting cash.


  • What tours do you offer?                                                                     

       Every year we offer a limited selection of tours including England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Malta, Greece, Egypt        or other destinations

  • What happens if I am not able to go on the tour after I have paid?
    Check our refund policy on the Read Before Booking page. Please be advised that it is your responsibility to insure your international travel arrangements, yourself and your belongings during your time on the tour. InsureMyTrip is a price comparison company for your insurance needs so click the box below and compare different levels of cover to suit your needs -

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