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Reviews And Comments From Previous Participants

Enjoying being on a Journeys With Soul tour


"This has been a very special journey for me, it has been so real and yet so mystical and metaphysical as well. My memories are rich, my experiences very deep and I am blessed." S.K. California

"I will forever consider the two of you significant spiritual guides. The journey has been a divinely orchestrated symphony of beauty, spirit and grace. I have loved it all! C.J. Colorado

"Thanks for showing an Englishman England!" B.E. England

"Thank you for a wonderful tour with some truly life changing experiences for me. P.S. all of Canada loves you now!" G.S. Canada


"I'm so grateful for your sharing the wonderful powerful sacred places and your 'fount of knowledge'! You truly area on a giving spiritual path." O.M. New Mexico

"I can't imagine better leaders to guide me around this 'green and pleasant land'. I almost feel like I've been traveling with Merlin and Morgan themselves." K.W. Oregon

"Thank you for putting us back in touch with our blessed Earth." M.B. Washington

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have made this trip so special and it went beyond my wildest dreams, I will never forget both of you!" S.H. California

"You are the host and hostess of the mystery, with grace, wit and great passion. We are ever so happy to have fallen into your rabbit hole." S.B. Massachusetts

"Thank you so much for this total experience!! I will treasure it in my memory for the rest of my life!" M.O. Sweden

"It was both a rare treat as well as an essential experience in our life journey that has forever changed us, and like the ripples in water will echo throughout our future." S.B. New York

"I LOVE my tour leaders!!!!  You guys were so wonderful." G.E. Australia

"Thank you both once again for your enchanting and transformative tour, the magic is all around us." C.&M. G. New Zealand

"It was destiny that brought me to you. I feel so incredible after my sacred tour - your warmth, generosity and spirit shine in all you do and say. I can't wait until our next adventure!" T.H. California

"My sister and I had a fabulous time with you and the rest of the folks on the trip. It was a gifted experience to share this with her. Thanks again for a fabulous experience." D.H. Washington

"Thank you for arranging such a deep, beautiful and healing trip! I am well into integrating some of my lessons into my daily life with myself, work, and family." R.A. Texas

"The combination of the helicopter ride and visiting crop circles was perfect." Y.S. Holland

"Words can not express my gratitude for the experiences you made possible for me in England two weeks ago. I want you to know that I truly think you did a beautiful job orchestrating events, planning accommodations, etc., for our tour. It was all wonderful." P.W. California

"To experience those places with your guidance, support and experience to share, so broadens one's understanding of the whole concept of energy and earth energy." C.G. New Zealand

"Glenn's stories were incredibly profound and spiritually arousing. He came alive in such a powerful way when he shared his experiences, and his knowledge and perspective, that those places in time and on the earth came alive for me."  S.M. New Mexico

"I found myself feeling so intensely moved and inspired that I will never forget it." R.L. Maine

"You are such a beautiful and effective team together. Cameron's gentle, loving support of Glenn, of the group and of the individuals, is so warm and utterly full of grace. You are such a complement and seem so akin on many levels." J.S. Maine

"Growth and healing was sure occurring in ways that one could never imagine. That's some powerful energy we experienced! What a privilege we have had!" D.B. New Mexico

"I had an amazing time! This was the most incredible trip of my life! I just wish to thank you both for being amazing tour guides, and exceptional people. I thoroughly enjoyed your company, your wisdom, & your guidance. Thanks so much for everything! I'd love to travel with you again."  A.S. Australia

"You are very special, talented people. Your enthusiasm for these tours is infectious!" V.P. Colorado

"We found your guided tour quite illuminating. Your tour was a kind of initiation for us which nurtures our strong wish to carry on next year where we left off." D.H. & J.B. New Hampshire

"You both are just the best. What a gift you have for sharing your own experiences and making them come to life for others." T.T. Indonesia 

"The time we shared together is a memory in my heart that makes such a difference in my daily life since. I learned more than anything that the sacred is always just steps away from the profane and mundane and all it takes is a shift of focus and intention. For that and so much more I am eternally grateful." M.E. Colorado

"What an adventure! Thank you for creating it!" D.W. Hong Kong

"I am so grateful to have shared that time with both of you, for the whole experience, and for the tremendous inspiration left in my soul..." D.B. New Mexico

"I enjoyed Glastonbury very much! The Tor and Chalice Well were some of my favorite experiences. The whole area there was great and full of interest." S.E. Massachusetts

"Thank you for one of the great times of our lives, you are the best." A.&D. B. Massachusetts 

"Glenn Broughton of Journeys with Soul brought my trip to life...he is a wellspring of information and a gentle, caring soul....for a truly Spiritual journey, throw away those guidebooks and let Glenn and company guide you to another time and will be glad that you did!"  L.B. San Diego, CA

"My daughter and I had only limited time to see Stonehenge and some crop circles. Glenn was very accommodating to our schedule, and when he learned that a new crop circle had formed the evening prior to our arrival, he re-arranged our schedule so that we could see it. That turned out to be the highlight of our visit!” J.B. USA


“Thank you Glenn for this profound experience, and for an opportunity to stay inside crop circles for a long time. It was unforgettable journey with immersion in history, inspiring conversations and the magical nature. I was left with the feeling that this is a blessed land.” YD. Moscow, Russia"

I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to meet, and travel with the two of you. My journey to England would not have been the same without you. It was the most amazing trip I have ever taken. I had a magical time." J.P. Australia

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