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If you're going to be in England, or already are, and you dream of visiting sacred sites and magical lands but you need a guide then it couldn't be simpler - we offer a whole range of day trips to sacred sites for you to choose from. If you have two or three days you can combine some of the day trips or venture a little further and take a 2-day or 3-day tour. Check out the listings below and then just call us or drop us an email to check availability. See below for prices.

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We have a list of very satisfied customers for you to see what people say about us, or check out the rave reviews we've been getting on Tripadvisor by clicking the Tripadvisor link below.





Day trips and longer tours are available throughout the year and we pick up from various train stations in the southwest of England that have direct trains from London, or at a local hotel in Wiltshire or Somerset, and return you to the same place by 5.30pm.





Day Trips In England (8 Hours)

If you only have a day or two (or three) here are some ideas of places we can guide you to -

These are unhurried trips spending quality time at the sites visited!


1-Day Trip Suggestions - See Below For Details

       Available Options-

  • Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Salisbury & Old Sarum

  • Avebury Landscape Temple including Silbury Hill & West Kennet Long Barrow

  • Stonehenge & Avebury

  • The Chalk White Horses including Uffington plus Avebury

  • Glastonbury Tor, Abbey & Chalice Well

  • Wells Cathedral, Bishop's Palace & Cheddar Gorge

  • Bath & Stanton Drew Stone Circles

  • Winchester, King Alfred's ancient capital of England and power centre

2-Day Tour Suggestions 

  • Glastonbury & Wells (close together)

  • Tintagel, St Nectan's Glen & Rocky Valley

  • Any 2 from the list above

3-Day Tour Suggestions 

  • Cornwall's Tintagel, St Michael's Mount, Stone Circles, Holy Wells and much  more...

  • Any combinations from the 1-Day list above

How Much?


Our fee as your guide ranges from £250 -£350 a day for up to 3 people (so that would be £83-£116 per person for 3 people) plus admission charges, any accommodation and sometimes a transport fuel charge. Meals are not included. Trips for groups of 4 or more can also be booked, please enquire for prices. 

To check availability and get a price quotation 
Call: +44 7746 707006    Email:


1-Day Trip Details

Stonehenge, Salisbury & Old Sarum

Today’s journey takes us through five thousand years of human history. The world famous stones of Stonehenge are much more than meets the eye or even than is explained in the new visitor centre. Step with us into the world of our Ancestors and see the stones through their understanding of the Earth’s energies, celestial alignments and the art of placement. We guarantee you’ll be amazed! 

Moving forward in time brings us to Old Sarum and the ruined Norman Castle on its summit. Get a feel for life in the Middle Ages here before the Cathedral moved down into the water meadows of Salisbury below. 

Lunch in the medieval cathedral cloisters is a special atmospheric treat to be savoured.   

Then we experience the transformative properties of the wonderful Gothic architecture of Salisbury Cathedral based on sacred geometry and empowered by the same leyline as Stonehenge and Old Sarum. The finest preserved original copy of Magna Carta can be viewed in the Chapter House. If you wish to explore this medieval city further we suggest you arrange to stay here for a night and have a free day to discover more of what Salisbury has to offer .


Avebury Landscape Temple - Silbury Hill & West Kennet Long Barrow

Avebury is the largest stone circle in the world and was the centre of Neolithic Britain. It is surrounded by a vast landscape serpent temple that was once connected to Stonehenge. You’ll discover the many hidden secrets of the main circle and the avenue of stones that leads to the Sanctuary, the head of the serpent. Across the field, Silbury Hill is a remarkable conical pyramidconstructed five thousand years ago using advanced knowledge that our history says they didn’t possess. Within sight is West Kennet Long Barrow that you’ll get to experience as we enter into this underground stone-lined chamber. If you like to tone or sing you’ll find there are wonderful resonant acoustics here. All of these sites are connected by the powerful energy currents of the famous St Michael leyline. We’ll show you how to dowse for these energies and how our ancestors utilized them to bring these sites to life.
This is an in-depth tour spending quality time at these sites. See some of the other day tours for Avebury in combination with different sites.

Stonehenge & Avebury

A combination of the two tours listed above but excluding Salisbury, Old Sarum and West Kennet.


The Chalk White Horses Including Uffington Plus Avebury

There are nine white horses adorning the chalk hillsides of Wiltshire plus the oldest one at Uffington, just into Oxfordshire. What was the purpose of them and what do they mean? We’ll explore the different theories as we travel through the glorious countryside of rural Wiltshire visiting some of these landscape figures. En route you’ll also get to see Avebury stone circle and have lunch there. 

Was the horse at Uffington, sitting next to Dragon Hill with its legend of Merlin, really a dragon? We can learn from Merlin how to tame and befriend a dragon! We can also visit St Mary’s parish church in Uffington village where two different energy lines cross. If time allows we’ll visit the ancient chambered cairn of Waylands Smithy, situated on the Ridgeway, Britain’s oldest route and now a preserved footpath.


Glastonbury Tor, Abbey & Chalice Well

We travel through the mists of time and legend on this otherworldly journey to Glastonbury, on the legendary Isle of Avalon. Joseph of Arimathea, and possibly Jesus & Mary Magdalene, arrived in this sacred land at Wearyall Hill and so will we. It was the site of Glastonbury’s quay and where the original Holy Thorn Tree grew. Close to its base is the tranquil ‘Magdalene Chapel’and twelfth century almshouses. 

Glastonbury Abbey was once the lifeblood of the town and we’ll explore its ruins. We find sacred geometry, Earth energies, medieval monks messages and the grave of King Arthur and Gwynevere. The town itself is full of esoteric and alternative shops as well as many individual cafes and we’ll have time to peruse them. 

After lunch we ascend the Tor, the prominent hill surmounted by St Michael’s Tower, that has acted as a beacon to pilgrims for millennia. The 360-degree views from the top are spectacular and the energy currents perform a remarkable dance upon the Tor. Finally, Chalice Well offers us welcome refreshment at the end of the day as we are able to drink of these healing waters. Legend states that the Holy Grail is hidden beneath the wellhead. Combining this ‘red’ spring water with the ‘white’ spring water close by helps bring balance back into our lives and body.


Wells Cathedral, Bishop’s Palace & Cheddar Gorge

Wells is England’s smallest city and one of its best kept secrets! The medieval city is built around a cobbled market place with the Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace leading off it. Everywhere is within walking distance. We’ll visit the Gothic Cathedral with unique architectural design elements, a 14th century astronomical clock and a world class choir. The oldest intact medieval street in Europe sits next door. 

Wells gets its name from the springs that upwell within the grounds of the Bishop’s Palace and which flow out into the city’s main streets. We can visit the palace, surrounded by fairytale walls and a moat, and its beautiful gardens and have lunch by the crochet lawn. 

Cheddar Gorge is flanked by England’s highest inland cliffs that are riddled with crystalline cavesthat are open to visitors. The village of Cheddar is where the world famous cheese originated and there are shops where you can still buy it.


Bath & Stanton Drew Stone Circles

Surrounded by seven hills the warm thermal spring waters of ‘Sulis Minerva’ attracted the Romans to create a vast temple and bathhouse here. In more recent historic times the Georgiansflocked here to take the waters for healing and the present city of Bath was built in their distinct architectural style to accommodate the flood of visitors. We’ll visit the Roman Baths and the Abbey and take an open-topped bus ride to learn more of the city’s history. 

After lunch we head to Stanton Drew, referred to as a ‘Druid’s University’ by one of the main architects of Bath. We find three stone circles, the largest of which is exceeded in size only by Avebury. There are also avenues and astronomical marker stones making this an important Neolithic sacred site. 


Winchester, King Alfred's Ancient Capital Of England

A city dating back to Roman times, Winchester may also have been an important site in earlier times. To discover this early history we’ll take a remarkable journey through the city and through five millennia to some unexpected sacred sites. 

The city has an inspiring Cathedral that has many lessons to teach about sacred proportion as well as architecture. We’ll pass the fifteenth century Buttercross, two medieval City Gates and visit Winchester Castle that houses the oldest copy of King Arthur’s Round Table. The rich history of this city will be brought to life by your enthusiastic guide. 

You’ll discover the little-known story of Henri de Blois, medieval Bishop of Winchester, Abbot of Glastonbury and geomancer. Nearby St Catherine’s Hill has fed Earth energies into the city forever, something known by Henri who located his buildings on the power lines. We’ll visit St Cross Hospital, founded by Henri, the oldest continuously occupied almshouses in England where you will still receive the ‘Wayfarer’s Dole’ as pilgrims have done for nine hundred years.

 2-Day Tour Details

Tintagel, St Nectan's Glen, Rocky Valley & Dozmary Pool

This is a two day journey into the Arthurian world. En route we’ll visit the Lady of the Lake at her watery home of Dozmary Pool. Asking the Lady for our own Excalibur can assist us on our spiritual journey.

The Great Halls of King Arthur will tell the story while you’re surrounded by crystalline stones. Secrets are held in this place if you know where to look…

A traditional Cornish pasty (veggie option available) is an ideal lunch in Cornwall and it will sustain us for a walk to St Materiana’s church on the headland, a place with a wonderful healing chapel.

The atmospheric Tintagel Castle on its rocky promontory overlooking the Atlantic Ocean was King Arthur’s birthplace. We’ll immerse ourselves in the legends and myths and ask why the story has survived the ravages of time. On the beach at low tide we can access Merlin’s Cave, carved out of the rock upon which the castle sits. 

The next day we are treated to a glorious walk by a babbling brook through a woodland glen to the original hermitage of St Nectan. We find an energetic waterfall and are able to spend quiet time in St Nectan’s cell.

Close by is Rocky Valley where we find a carved spiral design more typically found at Irish sacred sites.

Glastonbury & Wells

see above for details

3-Day Tour Details

Cornwall's Tintagel, St Michael's Mount, Stone Circles, Holy Wells And More

After visiting Tintagel (see above) we move deeper into Cornwall to the Land’s End area, surrounded on three sides by ocean. This is where the St Michael leyline first enters Britain and we’ll visit the island sanctuary of St Michael’s Mount. We find that four energy currents cross here. At low tide we can walk across or at high tide we catch a small boat. 

Many of the place names in Cornwall are from the Celtic tongue that was spoken here. Boscawen-un is one of them and is one of the most atmospheric and complete stone circles in Britain and was one of the main meeting places of the Druids. The Merry Maidens is another circle with different energy to experience. 

At Sancreed we visit the most potent of Cornwall’s holy wells, set down some steps within the Earth. These waters have a reputation for healing. Nearby Sancreed Beacon gives wonderful panoramic views of the whole peninsula we are on. The village church has two ancient Celtic crosses in the graveyard that have interesting energetic properties. Another healing place is Men-an-tol holed stone. Folklore says that passing through the hole will bring a cure to ailments or aid fertility. A short distance away is Chun Quoit, a capstone with four supporting uprights that is the skeleton of a former dolmen.

This area has many sacred sites showing how important it was in Pagan times. Tin trading was a central reason for its importance and Carn Euny, being one of the best preserved Iron Age settlements in the south of England, gives us a link to our distant ancestors’ way of life.

This part of Cornwall has the feel of a place out of time, one that is very special. Many artists moved here because of the quality of the light and so there are lots of galleries. Which sites we visit will be determined by your particular interests and your level of fitness. 


To check availability and get a price quotation
Call: +44 7746 707006    Email:

Comments From Previous Travellers -

"Glenn Broughton of Journeys with Soul brought my trip to life...he is a wellspring of information and a gentle, caring soul....for a truly Spiritual journey, throw away those guidebooks and let Glenn and company guide you to another time and will be glad that you did!"  L.B. San Diego, CA

"My daughter and I had only limited time to see Stonehenge and some crop circles. Glenn was very accommodating to our schedule, and when he learned that a new crop circle had formed the evening prior to our arrival, he re-arranged our schedule so that we could see it. That turned out to be the highlight of our visit!” J.B. USA

“Thank you Glenn for this profound experience, and for an opportunity to stay inside crop circles for a long time. It was unforgettable journey with immersion in history, inspiring conversations and the magical nature. I was left with the feeling that this is a blessed land.” YD Moscow, Russia

"Glenn's stories were incredibly profound and spiritually arousing. He came alive in such a powerful way when he shared his experiences, and his knowledge and perspective, that those places in time and on the earth came alive for me."  S.M. New Mexico

"To experience those places with your guidance, support and experience to share, so broadens one's understanding of the whole concept of energy and earth energy." C.G. New Zealand


So Give Us A Try If...


  • Your time is limited

  • You want to go somewhere not listed on our tours pages

  • You prefer to travel independently but need a guide to a sacred site

  • Your dates dont match our tour schedule


Whatever your special needs why not try us and see if we can help you realise your dreams - after all that's what we're here for...

Glenn & Cameron                   


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