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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Who We Are

Our Story

The seeds of Journeys With Soul were sown in 1996, when Glenn & Cameron met by chance on a tour of southern England. Cameron, an American, was traveling in England with her colleagues from the Cape Cod Center for Holistic Medicine, and met Glenn, the organiser of the Exeter Earth Mysteries Group. When asked by a mutual friend, Glenn agreed to organise the tour for Cameron and her friends, to bring them to the sacred sites in the Southwest of England and to share his knowledge and passion for Earth Mysteries with the group.


Their synchronistic meeting would change the course of their lives forever. A three-year inter-continental courtship began that would defy all odds as their love grew, culminating in a move and marriage. During this time Glenn developed the budding tour business, it was the perfect avenue for sharing his love of Earth Mysteries and ancient sacred places. 


Also during this time Cameron continued her healing practice and joined Glenn in running the tour business in 2000. Together they were able to expand the number of tours they could offer to include the Celtic lands of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as tours to other European and world destinations.

Glenn & Cameron's complementary strengths allow them to enable people from all walks of life to have a complete, fun and meaningful experience, wherever they're at on their spiritual path. They find that the combination of sharing history, varied beliefs, archaeological findings, an experiential experience through simple ceremony and/or guided meditation, along with space for people to spend personal time at the sites is a winning combination for their participants to get the most out of their journey. 

Cameron & Glenn were married in 1999 in Somerset England, have five adult children and six grandchildren. They have lived full time in England for the last ten years and previously split their time between England and Vermont, USA for twelve years. They continue to meet with their Earth Mysteries group and are active with family and friends on both sides of the pond. 

What We Stand For

We have been the home of spiritual tours to the world's ancient sacred sites since 1996. We’re committed to creating profound, exciting, fun and even life-changing tour experiences that you’ll not only enjoy but that will assist you on your life's path. By creating a space in which we are all respected and honoured on our individual journeys in life, we have found that each person is able to receive what they need from their Journey With Soul. 

Our Commitment

TOP QUALITY – from hotel quality, included meals, expert presenters, profound itineraries, schedules based on local knowledge & experience, perfect blend of guided & free time

GREAT VALUE – quite simply, the best travel experiences possible at an affordable price

EXCITING LOCATIONS –With regular tours each year in England, Ireland, Wales & Scotland we also offer occasional tours further afield to such places as Malta, Greece, France, Egypt and more to come...    


SPIRITUAL, TRANSFORMATIONAL & FUN – We’re committed to creating profound, exciting, fun and even life-changing tour experiences that you’ll not only enjoy but remember and cherish for years -

ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS - we are discussing the environmental policies adopted by the hotels we use and encouraging them to minimise their carbon footprint. We are also in the process of reviewing all aspects of our tours and working towards reducing our carbon footprint and funding carbon offsets for the emissions that we do create

Journeys With Soul offers you 

  • Quality hotels like our charming 400 year-old coaching inn or sea-view rooms at oceanside hotels

  • Perfect blend of group activity and personal time

  • Ceremony and meditations to connect with the sacred sites

  • Unrestricted time with your expert tour guides and guest presenters

  • Off the beaten track experiences

  • Private ceremony within Stonehenge on Southwest England & Cornwall tour

  • Private transport all the way

  • And much much more... check out previous travellers' comments on the Testimonials page

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