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Planning Your Tour

There is a lot that goes into planning your sacred sites tour, such as researching where you want to go - Scotland, Ireland,  England, Wales, France? 

What kind of tour you want to go on, getting your questions answered and dealing with the 'nuts & bolts' of creating the vehicle that will allow for your tour to run smoothly.

We are dedicated to making it run seamlessly, so that you can enjoy every minute of your journey!

Here's a preview to the pages which will assist you in making it so!

On this page, you will discover the important logistical information of taking a Journey With Soul; what is and isn't included in the tour price, Terms & Conditions, payment schedule, insurance and refunds, when  to arrive and depart, luggage and more...

Preparing for your Journey With Soul

You may be wondering what taking a spiritual journey is about and if it's for you or not. This page is a small taster to peak your curiosity and to help you determine if a Journey With Soul is for you!

St. Brigid's Holy Well, Kildare - Journeys With Soul tour to Ireland

Over the twenty-six years of leading tours to sacred sites, we've been asked a lot of questions, so we know that you have them! We've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions in order to answer some of yours. If you have more, we're an email or phone call away!

Answers to your questions about your Journeys With Soul tour
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