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The Technology of Consciousness

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

"King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table"; as a child I was inspired by the knight's quests for valour and chivalry. As an adult what excites me about it is their circular seating arrangements. Because when people sit together in a circle, especially one called for a high purpose, magic happens.

For over twenty years I've been learning and growing with an ancient body of Earth Teachings which help us expand our consciousness in relationship with the Spirit of Earth and the Universe. It's been a fantastic journey with a lot of fun as well as challenge, and it's always a pleasure to share with people who are open to teachings about consciousness. I feel moved by the words my elders were told by their teachers, "Breathe these teachings into the world. It is time, and maybe some good will come of it."

This body of knowledge has a long lineage and blossomed among the Mayan and pre-Mayan cultures. Indeed, the myth behind the tradition says it was brought to our planet long ago from beyond the Pleiades. Whether that's true, and however different those earlier cultures were from the modern world, the teachings have a special relevance or resonance to today.

They are distilled into a form for our time, a form designed to catalyse our consciousness into awakening. It's called the "Discipline of Peace". It is a design of eight doorways which hold the essence of the truths our many wisdom traditions have always spoken of about the Mystery. And when you open them in sequence you come into deep relationship with that Mystery and it allows you to be truly who you are and truly at home on this marvellous planet.

In the practices of my tradition we open these eight doorways in our consciousness. There are many practices that come down to us from humanity's spiritual traditions. They are a technology of consciousness, and we can use them to open these portals to our expanded understanding. What I find wonderful about the Discipline of Peace is that it's a simple design that allows us to hold our relationship to Self and Life in a profound way, uncluttered by too many words.

Each of us is a unique and special creation of the Universe. Nobody has the same fingerprints as you; nobody ever has and nobody ever will have. You are a unique individual, making your own unique journey and bringing your own unique gift to Life. Because of that, each of us will find our own way of practicing and learning the consciousness of peace. "Discipline" literally means learning, and we all come with our unique way of learning to it. So it's a people's movement that grows as each of us practices it.

Is this transformation of consciousness really possible? Yes, I have no doubt about it. There have always been a small minority who've lived in expanded and intimacy with the Mystery, but now the number of people doing so is growing exponentially. Long ago there were wise ones who foresaw this time in which we approach a critical threshold in consciousness. They saw that when enough of us reach a level of awakening, the whole field will begin to shift. And when the field of our collective consciousness shifts, everything about how we are on this planet will change too.

by Carlos Glover / DiamondLight

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