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Celebrating the Beauty & Joy of the Earth

We have yet to find the path for universal peace and understanding. One answer lies very close to us, in the celebration of the Earth, her elements, and her peoples. She holds a template for our beauty and joy and harmony which can assist us in our path to wholeness.

Let us look to the Earth to discover that template, because she is the act of Creation in process now, without tainting, wherever she exists in her natural state. Look to her natural beauty and wonder. She is expressing that Joy and Beauty of Creation of the Divine, at this moment. The Earth embodies the heart of the Sacred, whatever we choose to call it, anchoring the heart of the heavens here before us, around, and within us. If we go out and experience the beauty of this Earth, be part of it, we can receive that joy, and feel its harmony. That brings its imprint into us, to inundate us, and align us with our own natural beauty and harmony, as we ourselves have risen from the earth, and are in harmony with that same imprint.

The Dineh, or Navajo, peoples of the American southwest, have a word that embodies their understanding of healing, which means, "Return to Beauty." This concept embraces the idea that, to come into healing, or wholeness, we must rediscover, cherish, and honor the Beauty of ourselves, of each other, and the world around us. Part of that path includes stepping into a living relationship with the Earth, a living and conscious being, our Mother, and the host of life here on Earth. It is paramount that, in our own healing, we come into deeper relationship with her and the elements of the Earth.

Let us celebrate the elements of the earth also, embracing them, and creating relationship with them, in sacred ways, as they are part of Creation. They are what Manifest Creation has sprung from, the very elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, just as all peoples of the Earth have celebrated since before time was measured. These elements have been especially celebrated on the sacred solar calendar days (solstice and equinox, and the cross calendar days), throughout the Earth, as the Earth and Sun move in relationship with one another, in the sacred Dance of Life.

Let us celebrate all of the peoples of the Earth, and all of her wisdom keepers. There is such deep and residual beauty in all of the diverse paths, and peoples of the Earth. The lineages of all of the Earth's peoples hold such clear vision of how we can live in unity, peace, and harmony with the Earth, Creation, and each other, if we but utilize their ancient voices. I have been working recently with a Toltec master whose theme is "living in continuous ecstasy." Let us try it!

Another answer lies in being the solution. While we can easily look around us, and find those causing so many problems, let us ask ourselves, what are we doing, each of us, to resolve these conflicts? One solution lies in "being the solution," in being the carriers of peace, of understanding, of tolerance, of love and compassion for others. And in planting seeds of peace, of love, of gratitude, of compassion, of joy, of beauty, of hope, and of wholeness, in all of our relations.

It is we, the seed carriers, who can change the world. Let us be what we wish the world to be. Let us be the way we wish others would be. Let us see the beauty in others. Let us find the beauty within ourself. And let us plant our seeds of hope and good relations with all beings.

Let this be our vision. To restore this celebration, this dance of Life, of Beauty, of Joy, of Hope and of Healing, Wholeness, and Harmony with Life, the Earth, all of Creation, the Creator, in all of Its many names and forms, and with all Its diverse peoples. Blessings to each of you, as you carry out your own celebrations of hope and understanding, of joy and beauty, in your own lands, in your own ways, living in continuous ecstasy.

by Zacciah Blackburn

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