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The Art of Questing

What is a quest? In the dictionary it is described as the act of seeking something or a search. I would say that it appears to be a search on the physical level but is in reality a way of our Higher Self or Spirit Nature guiding us to learn certain lessons which will allow us to more closely align our physical life with our soul’s purpose for incarnating. It usually arises unconsciously and from ‘left field’; we then make a conscious intention to undertake the quest. What we often start thinking is the quest is in fact not the quest we end up pursuing or it is just a part of a much larger quest. What we start off following as our quest may simply be a way of getting us to the point in our development or the place in the world where we can be shown the true quest waiting for us. We need not worry for we are never asked to undertake a quest that is wrong for us or harmful to us in any way.

All this says that we are not really consciously in control of our quest; in fact it is a pre-requisite that it's impossible for us to be consciously in control of it. A crusade is a perversion of the questing instinct by the ego and is really a political rather than a spiritual quest. What we can and must do is to make a wholehearted commitment to what we perceive at the time to be our quest. It is something that we can’t avoid, something we feel we must do. This is absolutely essential. We can’t just make up a quest anytime we want, not consciously anyway, unless it is the path of our soul at this time.

A quest is a very personal thing. You can’t quest for someone else and you can’t persuade someone that they should be part of your quest. Those who are to be a part of your quest will show up at the right time for their own reasons. We are guided on a quest by our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides and, of course, our Higher Self. We are NEVER led astray by this guidance although we can get lost or go ‘wrong’ by our not being clear enough to follow the guidance, and in that case that is where we are at that moment, and then it is wholly appropriate that we get ‘lost’ because that is how we learn the next lesson.

If you wish to attract a quest into your life, loosen up control over your life. Do things you would normally not do, or do what you would do normally but do it differently. Change your attitudes, let go of your judgments and leave some space for the unexpected. Be open.

It may start very simply by a phone call or a book or even a chance comment. The subject will immediately attract you and there may be a surprising ‘coincidence’ that brings it to your notice – pay attention for this is how the magic starts. If in your ‘heart of hearts’ you would love to follow this up but your logical mind finds any number of reasons why you should ignore it and get on with your life you are at a crucial point. If you choose to ignore it you may well be presented with the same lessons within your normal life experiences or you may be asked to look at what held you back from following your heart. If you step beyond your normal boundaries, follow your feelings and go for it, your quest has started.

The benefits gained from following a quest are numerous, here are a few of them:-

  • At the very least it is exciting and can be fun.

  • By opening to being guided by spirit you acknowledge that you are not alone on your life’s journey and that the beneficent powers in the Universe are available to support and guide you just by your asking.

  • You will also start to notice that your attitude influences the reality that unfolds in front of you. This is an immensely important lesson because it shows that we are not helpless victims of uncontrollable circumstances and fate but that we are in fact co-creators of our world, both personal and global. This empowering realization charges us with the responsibility to own all our thoughts, words and actions for each one will add to the tapestry of energy which manifests as our future.

  • We will receive healing according to our needs as we step along our soul’s path.

  • You will learn important spiritual lessons which you are ready to learn – in fact this is why the quest has arisen in your life at this time

  • By following the signs and synchronicities you will learn how to live in harmony with the energy of the universe and spirit

A thirteen-point roadmap to questing

  1. The quest will choose you, not vice-versa

  2. Quests happen when you are ready – often when you are following your passion

  3. You must commit wholeheartedly for the magic of the quest to work

  4. Disregard all advise from your conscious mind on what should be the next step

  5. Ask for guidance from your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides and stay open to their input

  6. You will be given all the signs you need to tell you the next step to take

  7. You need to be willing to follow the next clue wherever it may take you, no matter what you are asked to do

  8. You will be asked to do things that challenge and stretch you

  9. You will only be asked to do things that you are capable of (although you may not think so at first)

  10. You will know when you are on the right track because everything flows effortlessly

  11. Synchronicities and amazing meetings and events will occur frequently

  12. Your quest may change in mid-quest

  13. You will be taught great lessons if you can stay open

Happy Questing and Blessings on Your Journey

by Glenn Broughton

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