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Secrets in the Landscape:
Southern England's Power Places

"As we stand within this hallowed sanctuary 

I look at the faces of the group members lit up by this vision; 

Is your face one of them?"

June 30 - July 11, 2024
12 Days/11 Nights

Single +£595
Deposit £450

The Call

We’re excited to offer a very different tour in Southern England for 2024. As well as visiting the most powerful ancient sacred sites, there is an unseen connection between them. They are linked by a pattern laid out in a wheat field as a crop circle in 1991. What were we being alerted to? A group of us decided to investigate by visiting the sites that marked the key points of the pattern during the late 90’s. Many synchronicities and revelations occurred, sufficient to convince us that we were being supported by unseen spiritual aides. 


















(This overview photo was taken from a different rotation to the one below)


To read about this work in our blog, click here.

This work was completed twenty five years ago and we feel that the time has come to re-activate this energetic grid to aid healing in our ‘struggling’ world and support spiritual growth amongst all peoples. 

This tour is a call to everyone who is attracted to the idea of helping ground spiritual awakening and activating Earth and Cosmic energy for the highest good of all – no prior experience needed…


The message is very simple, that our future health and survival, and that of the Earth, are dependant upon us using BOTH our logical, rational, action-based ‘masculine’ physical energy and our intuitive, receptive, loving ‘feminine’ spiritual energy.

The Journey

We will travel in a spiral around the Barbury pictogram visiting many of the ancient sacred sites identified by overlaying the pattern on Southern England.




























Our journey starts at Winchester to connect with the power of water, visit some surprising power centres find the Elen and Belinus energy currents associated with the north-south Belinus leyline in the company of Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare who dowsed these currents from the Isle of Wight to the top of Scotland (as recorded in their excellent book ‘The Spine of Albion’). We’ll also learn about the old wizard of Winchester! Leaving Hampshire and travelling north towards the Cotswolds, calling in at Uffington to visit the chalk hill figure and ask if it is really a horse or something else, we’ll visit the chambered cairn of Wayland’s Smithy and Uffington village church where Elen meets the Mary energy current. 


The charming historic medieval market town of Burford is our base as we connect with the energies of the Cotswolds at the Rollright Stones. The stones have healing properties that we can access for personal and planetary healing. 

From here we head southwest around the triangle and spend a day in the city of Bath. The warm thermal waters here have been revered for their healing properties since before Roman times, and the city is surrounded by seven hills like Athens.


At the southern circle of the pictogram we’ll be based in the medieval city of Wells with its English Gothic cathedral and Bishop’s Palace as we explore the spiritual mecca of Glastonbury on the Isle of Avalon.

This place has seen it all, from the Priestesses of Avalon to Jesus and modern day spiritual pilgrims.  Here we’ll pick up the St Michael leyline. We’ll connect with all these energies as we visit Glastonbury Abbey, the Magdalene Chapel, the Tor and Chalice Well. Completing our journey around the triangle we’ll visit the home of the Arthurian legend at Cadbury Castle, believed to be the site of Camelot.

Stonehenge awaits, where we’ll have a private out-of-hours visit to the world’s most famous sacred site. Connected by a leyline to Stonehenge are Old Sarum and Salisbury Cathedral, both energetic places with stories to tell. 


Finally we will enter the central area around Avebury, the energetic powerhouse of Southern Britain. The St Michael leyline energises this sacred landscape that was so important to our Neolithic ancestors and we’ll emerse ourselves in those energies as we visit Avebury Stone Circle, Silbury Hill and West Kennett Longbarrow with authors, Peter Knight and Sue Wallace (Peter co-discovered the Wessex Astrum (with Toni Perrott), a landscape hexagram that has Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Avebury as three of its points, and so it overlays part of our Barbury grid). Avebury is the largest stone circle in the world and the centre of a landscape pentagram of sacred sites that is the activation key for the whole of the Barbury pictogram. We’ll spend two days visiting the key points of the pentagram including Barbury Castle, Morgan’s Hill, Merlin’s Mound, the Treble Springs and Bupton medieval village site that you can read more about in the itinerary below.

Tour Price Includes
  • Collection from & return to London Heathrow airport 

  • All land & ferry transportation 

  • 11 nights accommodation in quality hotels 

  • All breakfasts & five evening meals 

  • All normal admission charges to sacred sites 

  • All tour guide fees 

  • Gratuities & taxes on accommodation & included meals 

  • Third party liability insurance 

  • All rooms have ensuite bathroom facilities and tour prices are based on sharing a twin/double room. 

A limited number of single rooms are available for which there will be a single supplement charge as specifed on the Prices & Booking page.


Tour Leaders
Glenn Broughton
Cameron Broughton
Guest Presenters

Gary Biltcliffe

Caroline Hoare

Peter Knight

Sue Wallace

Day 1 – Sun, June 30th  

This morning you’ll be met at London Heathrow Airport and driven to our hotel in Winchester for a three-night stay. You'll have time to rest up or take lunch and then explore this historic city. There is a good range of shops, cafes, restaurants, markets and pubs readily available as our hotel is situated close to the city centre. 

In the early evening we’ll have an orientation meeting to get to know one another a little and to set our intentions for the journey ahead before our welcome dinner at the hotel.

Welcome dinner at hotel


Day 2 – Mon, July 1st 

This morning we’ll begin our exploration of the ratchet spiral to the east of Winchester as we climb St Catherine’s Hill. Here we’ll discover a grass-cut labyrinth, a crossing point (node) of the Elen & Belinus earth energy currents and a former pagan sacred grove of trees. From the top of the hill we can look down over the city of Winchester, the ancient capital of England before London, St Cross Hospital and the energized water meadows.

We’ll also visit Old Winchester Hill, located on the ratchet spiral, that has a history of human occupation dating back to the end of the Ice Age; most visible are the Iron Age hillfort and Bronze Age barrows.

East Meon is close to the centre of the ratchet spiral and sits at the heart of the Meon valley, the only totally spring-fed valley in the country. We’ll honour the properties of water at this power point, as well as visiting the Queen’s Inclosure at the centre of the ancient Forest of Bere where we’ll commune with the wisdom of the trees.

Free choice dinner not included


Day 3 – Tues, July 2nd 

We'll be joined for the next two days by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoareas our guest presenters.  They are the discoverers and dowsers of the twin Elen & Belinus earth energy currents that intertwine around the Belinus leyline. 

The fine medieval cathedral city of Winchester is one of the most glorious in Britain. It was once the royal and capital city of England during the reign of King Alfred. A walk through its streets is a walk through a living museum with architecture from many periods of history dating back to Roman times. The thirteenth-century Great Hall houses the Arthurian Round Table, close to the foundations of the old castle, the fifteenth-century Buttercross stands next to a Tudor dwelling, and Winchester College, the oldest school in England, has educated children since 1382 and continues to do so. But, of course, the focal point of the city is the 900 year-old cathedral, one of the finest in Europe. We’ll see Romanesque and Gothic styles side by side. 

A stroll along the river bank with its crystal clear waters, allows you to view a wide range of waterfowl and leads to some unexpected sacred sites. 

Just out of town the river leads to St. Cross Hospital, not a hospital in today's sense, but a place of hospitality and medieval almshouse founded in 1136 and still occupied and functioning in the same manner over 850 years later! This represents Winchester very well, a thriving and prosperous city with an unparalleled past which is woven into the very fabric of modern-day life.

Free-choice dinner not included

Day 4 – Wed, July 3rd

Departing our first hotel base we head up the right-hand side of the triangle headed towards Burford. Enroute we will visit the enigmatic Uffington White Horse hill figure and the aptly-named Dragon Hill nearby, we’ll find the Elen & Belinus energy currents present here. Gary and Caroline will lead us in dowsing for these energies and tell us about this remarkable site. Down in the valley Elen meets the Mary energy current in the village church of Uffington.

Up on the Ridgeway Wayland Smithy is an ancient chambered cairn, home to a supernatural blacksmith according to legend.

We check in to our second hotel in the much photographed picturesque Cotswold town of Burford for a two-night stay.

Dinner at hotel


Day 5 – Thurs, July 4th

The Cotswolds is an internationally-acclaimed area typifying “Olde England” with its quaint villages of honey coloured stone cottages and rolling green hills or ‘wolds’. You'll have a free morning to explore the picturesque town of Burford, which also has an array of quaint local shops and cafes, all within a short walk from our hotel. 

After lunch we'll visit the Rollright Stones, a heavily-weathered stone circle with outlier stones named The King Stone, the King’s Men and the Whispering Knights - all men who were turned to stone by a local witch according to an ancient folktale. This site sits at the centre of the top circle of the Barbury Pictogram and is animated by the Belinus line energy currents that we have already encountered. We’ll explore this site that is reputed to have healing properties and is still used by pagan groups today.

Free choice dinner not included


Day 6 – Fri, July 5th

Today we head south along the left-hand side of the triangle, stopping for the day in Bath.

Surrounded by seven hills the warm thermal spring waters of ‘Sulis Minerva’ attracted the Romans to create a vast temple and bathhouse here, hence the name Bath. In more recent historic times the Georgians flocked here to take the waters for healing and the present city was built in their distinct architectural style to accommodate the flood of wealthy visitors. We’ll visit the Roman Baths and the Abbey that stand side by side. You’ll then have the rest of the day for you to choose what else you would like to visit.  We recommend taking an open-topped bus ride to learn more of the city’s history and see the main sights, and as it’s a hop-on hop-off bus you can visit other sights such as the Jane Austen museum, the Lace museum, the Royal Crescent, Pulteney Bridge or the Thermae Spa. 

Late afternoon we’ll go to Wells and our third hotel base for a two-night stay. During our stay you’ll be able to visit the city’s magnificent 800-year-old English gothic Wells Cathedral, located across the Green from our hotel. Everywhere in Wells is easily walkable and you'll also be able to visit the nearby Bishop’s Palace, a 700-year-old occupied palace complete with a moat and a drawbridge, home to families of swans for centuries. It is these energetic waters that attracted the city founders and from which Wells gets its name.

Dinner at hotel


Day 7 – Sat, July 6th

Today is market day in Wells and you’ll have until 9:30 to check out this centuries old market situated right by our hotel.

Then we’re off to visit mystical Glastonbury, the legendary Isle of Avalon that is at the centre of the bottom left circle. We start our visit at the St. Margaret Chapel, commonly known as the Magdalene Chapel. The twelfth century chapel and almshouses are an oasis of peace and an ideal place to connect with the spiritual energies of Glastonbury.

We will visit Glastonbury Abbey, once the largest and most powerful abbey in all of Britain and the reputed resting place of King Arthur and Guinevere. Here we find the Michael and Mary earth energy currents.

We have a long lunch break to allow time to explore the myriad of alternative shops such as ‘Man, Myth & Magik’, ‘The Speaking Tree’ or ‘The Goddess & the Green Man’.

Rising dramatically from the flat land of the surrounding Somerset Levels, the Tor has been a beacon of spirituality since pagan times and still acts as a magnet for people of all beliefs. You will hear the stories and the legends as well as experience the powerful energy and atmosphere of this sacred site. The views from the top are spectacular!

At its foot lies Chalice Well, a true healing place in this land, and you are encouraged to drink from the holy well where, a local story tells, the Holy Grail is hidden.

Free choice dinner not included


Day 8 – Sun, July 7th

Free morning to explore the wonders of Wells.

Today we move hotels for the final time and stay in a country house hotel set within tranquil wooded grounds. There is an outdoor pool to refresh you at the end of each day if you so wish.

For the next two days we’ll be connecting to the energies held by the enclosing rings around the central disc.

This afternoon we follow in the footsteps of King Arthur, Guinevere and the Knights of the Round Table as we proceed up the hill leading to Cadbury Castle (Camelot). There is no structure left on the hilltop but tune in to the atmosphere of the site and voices from the past may speak to you.

Dinner at hotel 


Day 9 – Mon, July 8th

We start the day with an early morning visit to Stonehenge. We have arranged for the group to have private special access into the stones of the world's most famous sacred site. Stand within the huge megaliths which have stood in magnificent isolation on the windswept Salisbury Plain for thousands of years, feel the pulse of powerful earth energy currents coursing beneath your feet, imagine the ceremonies which have been performed by robed priests over aeons of time or just sit in quiet meditation. We will take some time to perform our own ceremony as part of our pilgrimage/journey. This is a rare opportunity to truly experience a site revered by countless generations. 

Then we head to Salisbury to experience the transformative properties of the wonderful Gothic architecture of Salisbury Cathedral based on sacred geometry and empowered by the same leyline as Stonehenge and Old Sarum. 

Lunch in the medieval cloisters is a special atmospheric treat to be savoured.   

The finest preserved original copy of Magna Carta can be viewed in the Chapter House. There’ll also be time to explore this medieval city.

Finally at Old Sarum we are visiting a place with a very long and important history, from the Iron Age, through the Romans up to the Norman Castle on its summit. Get a feel for life in the Middle Ages here before the Cathedral moved down into the water meadows of Salisbury below. 

Free choice dinner not included


Day 10 – Tues, July 9th

Today we enter the central circle of the Barbury pattern and visit sites in the Avebury Pentagram. We’re joined by Peter Knight and Sue Wallace for the day today.

Avebury is the largest stone circle in the world and was the centre of Neolithic Britain. It is surrounded by a vast landscape serpent temple that was once connected to Stonehenge. You’ll discover the many hidden secrets of the main circle and the avenue of stones that leads to the Sanctuary, the head of the serpent. Across the field, Silbury Hill is a remarkable conical pyramid constructed five thousand years ago using advanced knowledge that our history says they didn’t possess. Within sight is West Kennet Long Barrow that you’ll get to experience as we enter into this underground stone-lined chamber. If you like to tone or sing you’ll find there are wonderful resonant acoustics here that we’ll experience as Pete and Sue lead us in a drumming circle. 

On opposite sides of the pentagram Morgan’s Hill and Merlin’s Mound hold the complementary feminine/masculine energies in balance. 

Morgan’s Hill is a natural hill with a remarkable womb-like sanctuary carved out of the hilltop; this is protected by a grove of trees which houses a rookery. The whole place exudes ‘feminine’ energy and is a wonderfully gentle example of the natural expression of this energy. It is the perfect complement to the man-made mound of Merlin. You will not find it listed in the guide books although locals appreciate its qualities. This is quite typical of the unsung ‘feminine’ nature.

Merlin’s Mound is a human made hill akin to its big sister Silbury Hill just five miles away and in the same flood plain of the river Kennet. It’s name derives from the legend that Merlin’s bones are buried inside the mound. There is a remarkable story attached to the mound. It was obviously once a very important structure and is the very reason for the existence of Marlborough, the name of which derives from the Saxon for Merlin’s hill or splendid hill. It now stands in the grounds of Marlborough College, one of the top private schools in this country, and patronised for the education of their children by royalty, politicians, and business leaders from around the world (it was the first private school in England to go co-educational).

Free choice dinner not included


Day 11, Weds, July 10th

Barbury Castle. A much under-rated sacred site, it has been the location for some of the most radical crop formations such as the Tree of Life, the Vortex Spiral, Pi and, of course, the one we are working with. A large iron-age hill fort, its position is very symbolic giving far-sighted views of the surrounding landscape and affording us the foresight to envision events approaching us. The fact that the ancient Ridgeway route does a dramatic 90 degree turn here (the only time along its whole length when it does this) shows that it is a pivotal point from which we can alter direction suddenly and profoundly.

Bupton. This has to be where we extend ourselves and ground our own co-creative divinity into our physical world. This requires a show of faith to truly believe in our abilities, self discipline to avoid the call of the fear-based voice of ego, and challenges us to take responsibility for all of our thoughts as well as actions. This is the place of the future, the place where we step into our true power.

Lunch at a canalside cafe next to the Crop Circle Information Centre.

Treble Springs. A gentle natural place with three springs rising within a copse of trees. It is located at one end of the Ridgeway, the oldest road in Britain dating back to the Ice Age. What are we being led to? This is a place for communing with fairies and nature divas.

Farewell dinner at the hotel

Day 12 – Thurs, July 11th

Depart hotel for London Heathrow Airport for your return flight home or onward travel - Bon Voyage and thank you for being part of this special pilgrimage!

Barbury Pictogram.jpg

The black image of the Barbury Pictogram crop circle overlaid on a map of Southern England. The west/east white line is the St. Michael Leyline. 

The south/north white line is the Belinus Leyline.

Much of the area covered falls within Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Barbury Castle CC photo.jpg
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