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Earth Grids

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The Secret Patterns Of Gaia's Sacred Sites

The earth's energy grid is an electromagnetic and geometric structure that acts like a skeleton, or scaffolding for the planet. Great earth circles weave across the planet, as though sacred sites were placed along these lines of force to mark a place as sacred. Energy upwellings, volcanoes and fault lines often match the recorded outline of the grid, and UFOs have been shown to only follow the lines of a certain grid geometry, as discovered by Bruce Cathie. The mystery of the grid deepens as you look further into its meaning, its use and its place in ancient historical context. Stone circles, pyramids, dolmens and ancient mounds are found on these grids, but it has become clear that natural features such as waterfalls, mountains and volcanoes also link up into subtle geometries.

Recent research into 'Dark Matter' in the Universe has given clues to the nature of how the grid functions on our planet. One of the most important discoveries to emerge from the 'Dark Matter' theory, is that it forms an invisible scaffold or skeleton around which the visible Universe is formed (The Independent 8/1/07 - Steve Connor: Science Editor). Cosmologists believe that without dark matter, the known universe would not be able to exist. This idea can be related to the nature of the planetary grid. If the known Universe cannot exist without dark matter, perhaps the earth and life upon it could not exist without the grid. Dark matter could act in the same way as the planetary grid, by holding the energy in place, whilst life forms around it.

The ancient megalithic sites could have been placed along these lines of force to regularize earth energy from one site to another and help anchor the grid into a balance that suited life on earth. Ancient man seemed to have either an intuitive understanding of maintaining balance on earth, or understood precise spherical mathematics and advanced surveying to make sure everything was in the right place and with the correct dimensions as referenced in The Book of Enoch: "And I saw in those days how long cords were given to the Angels, and they took themselves wings and flew, and went towards the north. And I asked an Angel, saying unto him: "Why have they taken cords and gone off?" and he replied: "They have gone to measure." More likely, they knew both.

These structures were built to withstand the tests of time and encode ancient mathematical clues from the minds of our megalithic ancestors. An example of hidden codes within sacred sites has been discovered by archeo-cryptographer, Carl Munck. He has seen over and over again how the longitude and latitude of sacred sites are encoded within the structure itself. The five platonic solids hold another key to this geometric mystery. Plato mysteriously wrote in the Timeaus: "The earth, when viewed from above, resembles a ball sewn from twelve pieces of skin". This would be the dodecahedron. But when all five platonic solids are combined, it forms a geometry based upon a rhombic triacontahedron, which resembles a dodecahedron with twelve sides (with truncated faces). William Becker and Bethe Hagens, whose work on the planetary grid has broken through this mystery, suggest that the ancients knew about the complex geometries of the grid and encoded it within the sacred sites. Examples of carved stone spheres have been discovered in northern Scotland that suggest they understood the Platonic solids, thousands of years before Plato was born!

The planetary grid can be represented by the ancient Chinese theory of 'meridians' that travel from organ to organ and are stimulated to help regain health in the individual. The stone circles and related megaliths are the earths 'acupuncture' points. The Rainbow Serpent (global Michael/Mary lines) can be seen as the Kundalini traveling up through the seven chakras, which maintain life-force throughout the body and initiates the person through the 'seven levels' until enlightenment/ascension is reached. There are many reports that consciousness plays a large role in understanding and tuning in to the grid. The idea that earth energies and the planetary energy matrix are an aspect of our minds, if not consciousness itself has been gaining credibility due to the studies of 'Fountain International' and other groups. This may explain why people often feel 'connected' and have 'spiritual' experiences at sacred sites and upon earth energies.

The earth requires attention from those that are sensitive to it, because where attention goes, energy flows. A big inspiration was when some 'indigo children' I met in Hawaii told me it is important to visit sacred sites and become aware of the ancestors messages hidden within the global matrix, because it may soon be time for us to step into our roles as earth-keepers and guardians of this sacred energy source. Geomancer's are a key to knowing how to work with the grids of the planet. The crop circles hold similar mathematical clues and could be part of the overall plan to help bring balance to these natural energy sources across our landscape. According to Mayan Elder and day-keeper, Hunbatz Men, by spending time at sacred sites we are rebalancing an ancient flaw in DNA.

A movement of 'megalithomania', is sweeping the planet as people remember the sacred sites and the divine energy that binds them together. Clues about the ancients are coming to light as though these sites have had a time-lock on them. As we reach a new level of consciousness, we begin to fathom glimpses of the incredible ingenuity of our distant relatives as though they were sending us a message through time. The first clues have been revealed through visionaries such as Ivan Sanderson, William Becker, Bethe Hagens, Bruce Cathie and John Michell. The rest is up to us.

by Hugh Newman

Earth Grids - The Secret Patterns of Gaia's Sacred Sites is published by Wooden Books:

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