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Winter Solstice

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

The Winter Solstice, the longest night and shortest day of the year, is celebrated on December 21st/22nd. To many people in the western world this tradition has been released as other traditions like Christmas have taken its place. For some the Celtic calendar or Pagan practices are coming to life again with renewed meaning. As we are in exciting times of change and poised for evolutionary shifts in consciousness this winter solstice has more meaning for us than meets the eye.

As with many traditions, religious or spiritual in nature, their original purpose can get lost in repeated actions that are routinely practiced from generation to generation. When this happens it can create an imbalance because the thread of connection has been lost. One of the beautiful gifts of the Winter Solstice is the opportunity to pause, to take a breath and go inward. The solstice is the still point where the sun setting on the horizon takes a breath from moving in one direction to move back in the other. They used this time to take stock of the previous year to see what worked and what didn't, releasing what no longer served them and visualizing dreams for their coming year as they celebrated the turn toward the growing light.

As we review our lives we are reconnected with what matters to us most by our inward journey to the knowing still point within us that is our inner wisdom and higher self. Rekindling the light within as the days grow longer brings us to spring and new beginnings. We are grateful more than ever to have the opportunity to know ourselves, to create anew and to be in harmony with the natural cycle of our world. It is from this place that we can authentically create a positive course of action having released what no longer works. This is important for us not only personally but globally as well.

May you find your thread of connection to Source! Happy Solstice....

by Cameron Broughton

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