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Visiting Ancient Sacred Sites

Updated: Jun 20

The world has opened up before us through the Internet and wireless communications and our future lies uncertainly in front of us. Or does it lay partly behind us?

Interestingly, more people than ever before are now visiting and interested in ancient sacred sites across the globe. Stonehenge in England, the Pyramids in Egypt and Machu Picchu in Peru, are household names. What is it that is attracting so many people to check out these places? Who built these ancient temples and why?

Today these now-ancient sacred sites might at first appear to be just piles of rocks, dead relics of a bygone age. However, with an appreciation of our ancestors perspective and stories and myths passed down through the generations, we see a different story.

Ancestors Knowledge

Our ancestors knew the Earth intimately and understood its wisdom. Their sense of the natural forces of the Earth must have been a whole-body awareness like that of indigenous peoples today, able to sense the serpentine currents of electromagnetic energy which course through the ground following the subterranean streams of water.

Their observations of the rising and setting sun's movement along the horizon and the behaviour of the moon and stars in the night sky over generations would have developed into a body of knowledge recorded by site alignments and stone placements. This not only alerted them to the changing seasons but also to those times when the Earth energies and cosmic influences were strongest.

Everything is Energy

The trees were the first to teach us the consequences of enclosing natural energy. The Druids performed all their ceremonies in sacred groves for this reason. The stone circle builders developed this theme and used crystal-studded rocks to harness the natural energies. It took another five thousand years before we rediscovered the potential of crystal which we have successfully harnessed to power our computer based world.

Will water be the next great "discovery"? There is a growing understanding of the unique properties of water, such as its ability to hold information like crystal. Will the stories of holy wells having healing properties turn out to be backed up by the emerging science?

Working with the Energy

Science and open-minded spirituality appear to have run full circle and finally come together to reach the same place, namely that like attracts like and we create our reality - the laws of the universe make it impossible for anything else to happen.

On some level we still know what our ancestors knew - that the ancient sacred sites hold power and potential. The stone circles, chambers, temples and structures are containers of the Earth's electromagnetic energy that is the same frequency as that of our brainwaves when we are in a meditative state. The law of resonance is the principle behind the power of prayer and ritual conducted in sacred space - in other words, sacred sites really work! Combining "New Age" thinking with "Stone Age" technology gives an updated meaning to the phrase "The New Stone Age"!

by Glenn Broughton

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