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Stonehenge Healing Power

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Power Of Stone And Water

Here is a lovely example of ancient knowledge being passed to us down the generations. Writing in AD 1200, Layamon recalled an even more ancient folk memory when he described a ritual use of Stonehenge in his poem "Brut".

The stones are great And magic power they have Men that are sick Fare to that stone And they wash that stone And with that water bathe away their sickness

Why would they think to do such a thing? In a previous newsletter article I wrote about the memory and power of water and the healing properties of sacred springs or holy wells. Here I want to look at the energetic properties of stone.

The stone circle builders utilized primarily crystal-studded granite and sarsen i.e. sandstone (granular quartz) blocks. We are all aware that our wristwatches and computers operate because of the energetic properties of their silicon chips. Well silicon is the same thing as quartz. So the circle builders chose these energetic stones in order to have control over the build-up of earth energies in the stones and within the space they enclosed.

Here are two ways of looking at it.


The Earth is a huge generator with a crystalline iron mass core spinning at 1100 miles an hour ringed by a gravitational field. The resulting electromagnetism that is generated makes its way to the surface via geological fault lines, beds of crystalline rock or underground watercourses. The water rises under pressure towards the surface but is often blocked by a 'dome' of solid impervious rock that diverts the water laterally. However the energy, having no physical substance, carries on vertically to ground level where it is detectable as an energy hotspot or vortex. The frequency of this energy is approximately 8 hertz, the same as our brainwave emissions when we are in a deep meditative state. Place a crystalline stone in the ground at this point and -bingo, you have a healing stone.



The Earth is alive and is our mother, creating us, nurturing us and taking us 'back home' at the end of our lives. All life comes from Gaia, or the goddess, she is the great giver of life. The underground streams of life-giving water are her blood supply maintaining her well-being and nourishing all life on the planet. She sends vitality to all parts of her body through potent currents of energy that we can access for healing and spiritual purposes. Her breath is our breath and we share the same heartbeat and pulse. If we honour her we honour ourselves, if we abuse her we abuse ourselves.

So now re-reading Layamon's poem it makes perfect sense. Using water to wash the stones, the energy from the stone is retained by the memory of the water and you have something akin to a homeopathic remedy. The only question is 'why don't more of us still perform these ceremonies?'

Will sacred sites ever look the same again?!

by Glenn Broughton

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