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The Spirit of Journeys With Soul

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

I sometimes wake in the middle of the night wondering, ‘What is it about our tours that makes them different and why?’ As it’s the middle of the night answers pop into my head from seemingly nowhere; here are just a few reflections:

  • Journeys With Soul tours was birthed out of Glenn’s and my journeys into the unknown and our personal quests for the grail. We were both on different paths that serendipitously brought us together, each experiencing the magic of the Earth’s mysteries and energies unfolding enough to give us glimpses of their magnitude. Our lives were transformed and our hearts were so full we were inspired to share the journey with you, knowing that you would find your own connection to the ancients, their sacred sites and serpent energies that weave through them

  • There is an alchemical occurrence that happens with every group gathered from around the globe, appearing to be set in motion as we’re creating the tours for the coming season. The emails begin flowing through the ethernet, landing in my inbox with stories of how people are called to a particular adventure/journey/pilgrimage and how this is the year... to the individual energies melding into the perfect group that has a date with destiny... building bridges between nations and experiencing our oneness

  • We are called by our ancient ancestors and to all that they revered in nature, the rhythms of the seasons, the four cardinal directions, the Earth, and to the mysterious creative force in the Universe... and remembering somewhere deep within, the eternal thread of truth, found in pagan songs, “Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my spirit” and “We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return”... reminding us of our natural bond with all that is....

These are just some of the early morning musings that remind me of why we lead these tours and what makes JWS unique.

by Cameron Broughton

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