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Land of Leylines and Legends; Cornwall & Southwest England Tour

(and why not stay for the add-on tour to Wales straight after Cornwall?)

"As we stand within this hallowed sanctuary 

I look at the faces of the group members lit up by this vision; 

Is your face one of them?"

Our journey begins in the ancient kingdom of Wessex! Salisbury has a fascinating story to tell, where history comes to life in a living medieval city. Connected by a leyline it shares the same energy currents as neighbouring Old Sarum and Stonehenge. This world-famous stone circle has many secrets to share during our private out-of-hours special access

A spiritual mystery can best be approached only indirectly, from off to one side. And so we approach mysterious Dumnonia, or Cornwall, via the ancient Celtic Lands of England's far Southwest as we enter the county of Devon and its landscape heartland of Dartmoor. Here we find atmospheric stone circles hidden in the folds of the beautiful moor, each with a gift to bestow. We will hold an opening meditation to connect with the energies of the land and the Spirit of Place.

Then we travel onwards to West Penwith, the ‘toe’ of land at the foot of Britain surrounded by the ocean from which it defends itself with mighty coastal cliffs; it has survived almost like a land out of time...  

St. Michael’s Mount, dedicated to the Archangel Michael, is accessible at low tide by a pedestrian causeway and at high tide only by small local boats. The site of both a former monastery and a military castle its history reflects the duality of life. The majestic isle is a paramount place to reflect on this lesson where the powerful  Michael/Mary and European Apollo/Athena Earth energy currents all converge.

We are drawn by the mysterious sounding names of Nanjizal Bay, Men-an-tol and Boscawen-Un and for good reason because they have not only retained their Celtic names but also their power. The heavily crystal-studded granite underlying this land conducts powerful Earth energy currents to each of the sacred sites, and surprisingly there are more ancient sacred sites per square mile here than anywhere else on Earth. Their isolation within this beautiful rugged landscape has helped to preserve so many of them. Each person connects with the sites in their own way, we will offer instruction in dowsing for the energy, have time for meditation and conduct ceremonies.

We tread half-forgotten country paths that lead to secret holy wells, lone standing stones, cromlechs and hidden stone circles. Every stone and flower comes vibrantly to life under the glow of the special Cornish light. This is no fanciful notion but a reality that has attracted many artists to live and paint in Cornwall. 

After our time immersed in this special land we travel to the north Cornish coast to arrive at Tintagel. The castle ruins which sit atop the cliffs mark the legendary birthplace of King Arthur. There have been few more evocative and appealing stories throughout history than that of the young warrior king. With its call to the noble, the romantic, the courageous and the spiritual seeker in each of us how can we fail to be drawn to this legend? By walking this land on our own Grail quest we find answers, often in the most unlikely of places. 

It may be down below on the beach in Merlin’s Cave, accessible only at low tide, or the beautiful White Lady Waterfall where the water flows down to the valley below. Or it may well be at Dozmary Pool, the home of the Lady of the Lake where we each receive a gift from the Lady.

Finally heading northeast to Bristol, a city known for its maritime prosperity, is now a cultural hub for those in the southwest of England. We conclude our pilgrimage through this very special land at the third largest stone circle in England, little known Stanton Drew Stone Circles & Cove await...

...and why not stay on for an extra 5 days and explore the majestic beauty of Wales with us (follows straight on from this tour)

Tour Leaders

Glenn Broughton

Cameron Broughton

Land of Leylines and Legends; Cornwall & Southwest England Tour

Day 1 – Sat, 21st July

This morning you’ll be met at London Heathrow Airport and driven to our city centre hotel in Salisbury, for a two-night stay. 

You will have a free afternoon in Salisbury to have lunch, rest from your journey and explore this beautiful ancient city. You will find that even though the city has been built around the medieval Salisbury Cathedral it has kept up to date and is a bustling small European city.

In the early evening we’ll have an introductory gathering before our welcome dinner at the hotel, get to know one another a little and set our intentions for the journey.

Welcome dinner at hotel

Day 2 – Sun, 22nd July

We start our day with an unforgettable visit to Stonehenge where we will have private time at this sacred site. We have arranged for the group to have private special access into the stones of the world's most famous sacred site. We will have our first ceremony of our journey to connect with spirit and the land. Stand amongst the huge megaliths which have stood in magnificent isolation on the windswept Salisbury Plain for thousands of years, feel the pulse of powerful earth energy currents coursing beneath your feet. Imagine the ceremonies which have been performed by robed priests and priestesses over eons of time or just sit in meditation. This is a rare opportunity to truly experience a site revered by countless generations. .

After a wonderful breakfast back at the hotel our group will gather together for an orientation. Then we'll have a leisurely walk to the 800-year-old medieval Salisbury Cathedral; this is one of England's most famous Gothic cathedrals, around which the city itself was built. We'll lunch at the Cathedral's stunning cafe followed by a guided tour of the cathedral, including visiting the Magna Carta

You will have time to walk around Salisbury to shop before we visit Old Sarum. Sarum is the old name for Salisbury and at Old Sarum we find the remains of the castle and the original cathedral and a leyline connects it to the present cathedral in the valley below and to Stonehenge. 

Free-choice dinner not included

Day 3 – Mon, 23rd July

After breakfast we'll depart for Cornwall commencing our journey into the wild wonders of the west. As we travel southwest we'll stop for lunch at Fingle Bridge Inn on the bank of the beautiful River Teign and visit Scorhill Stone Circle located on the moor and surrounded by natural tors and bubbling brooks connecting us to nature and the power of place, an ideal place for ceremony. 

Following our excursion onto the moor, we head to the most western part of England where we will be treated to a visual and fragrant delight of wild hedgerow flowers in full bloom as we tread half-forgotten country paths that lead to secret holy wells, lone standing stones, cromlechs and hidden stone circles

Hotel in Penzance for three nights

Dinner at hotel

Day 4 – Tue, 24th July

We start today with a ritual healing ‘baptism’ at Sancreed Holy Well where we learn of the importance of water. We will then hike up the nearby Sancreed Beacon that affords 360-degree panoramic views of West Penwith.

After lunch at a local tea room we will go to Boscawen-un stone circle; one of the three mighty Gorsedds of the Druidic bards, set in remote heathland, this intact stone circle is considered by many to be the most powerful in all England. We also plan to visit Men-an-tol, a holed stone that has been visited as a place of healing forever and is aligned with other sacred sites in this landscape - you can crawl through the hole to receive healing energies yourself!

Optional dinner at Admiral Benbow Pub (pirates and smugglers pub) in Penzance, not included in tour price

Day 5 – Wed, 25th July

Our first port of call will be Marazion on the mainland from where we cross to St. Michael’s Mount, dedicated to the Archangel Michael. It is accessible at low tide by a pedestrian causeway and at high tide only by small local boats. The site of both a former monastery and a military castle its history reflects the duality of life. What better place to reflect on this lesson than the majestic isle which is the crossing point of the powerful Michael/Mary and European Apollo/Athena Earth energy currents

After lunch we visit Nanjizal Bay where the Michael and Mary earth energy currents first come ashore. A walk brings us to the cliff tops of Carn-les-boel overlooking this isolated and idyllic bay. This is the western end of the St Michael leyline. The beach is underlain with quartz crystal and there is a cave to explore if the tide is out. 

Tonight we will go to a performance at The Minack Theatre, Cornwall's world famous open-air theatre set on Cornwall's southern coast it is perched on the cliffs looking out into the Atlantic. It is a sunning venue that will capture all of your senses as ther performers entertain you!

Free choice dinner not included/Minack Theatre play to be announced

Day 6 – Thurs, 26th July

This morning will be a free morning to explore the bustling harbour town of Penzance. After lunch we travel up to Cornwall's north coast to Tavistock, a market town on the western edge of Dartmoor, where we stay for three nights. En route to our hotel we will go to Dozmary Pool, here we come into the presence of the Lady of the Lake at her mystical and watery home. It was at this lake that the lady bequeathed Excalibur and its enchanted scabbard to King Arthur. Understanding the importance of this gift and papying tribute to the lady will enable us to receive a gift of our own to support us on our pilgrimage. 

Dinner at hotel

Day 7 – Fri, 27th July

Today we visit Tintagel, the renowned birthplace of King Arthur. All sites in Tintagel are dominated by everything Arthurian and you’ll have the opportunity to re-live the stories of the Arthurian legend. 

Traveling back in time we may discover how these archetypes can help us in our world today. We’ll learn the stories of the Arthurian legend and about the lives of the fabled Knights of the Round Table as we visit King Arthur’s Great Halls, constructed entirely of crystal-studded granite using sacred geometry in its layout. 

Then we cross the footbridge that is now the only means of access to Tintagel Castle, the fabled birthplace of Arthur, which sits in splendid isolation on its rocky promontory. Descending the castle cliffs to the beach below, we’ll enter Merlin’s Cave accessible only for a short time at low tide each day.

St Materiana’s Church on the headland has a special feel and an energy that is present.

 (Order of the day may change according to the tide schedule.)

Free choice dinner not included in tour price

Day 8 – Sat, 28th July

Today we will see more of Dartmoor as we head to the village of Belstone, where we find St. Mary’s Church, lovingly cared for by local parishioners. We’ll walk through the village onto the moor and be transported into another world as we visit Ninestones circle (that comprises over twenty stones!) situated at the foot of Belstone Tor

We’ll visit the dramatic cascading waters of Lydford Gorge and the White Lady Waterfall to experience the power of water.

Finally, we’ll walk up Brentor to St Michael de Rupe church on its summit and be rewarded with panoramic views across the landscape and a stunning stained glass. 

Free choice dinner not included in tour price

Day 9 – Sun, 29th July

Saying farewell to Cornwall we travel north to Bristol to our city hotel for one night. 

En route we will visit Stanton Drew Stone Circles & Cove, a little known and impressive stone circle complex off the beaten track. 

After lunch at the village pub, The Druid Arms, we'll explore the three stone circles (the great circle being one of the largest in England), two avenues and a cove. Here we will have our closing ceremony to celebrate our journey together. 

After our visit we'll head to our hotel in Bristol for free time to explore the city and complete any last-minute shopping. 

Farewell dinner at the hotel

Day 10 – Mon, 30th July

Drive to London's Heathrow Airport for your return flights home OR continue with us to explore the beauty of Wales - the Lair of the Dragon

£2095 per person, based on double occupancy
Single occupancy supplement: £300
Tour deposit: £450 (per person booked)
All breakfasts and 4 dinners are included

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