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Seven Approaches to the Mysteries

Glenn Broughton

Seven Approaches to the Mysteries

By Glenn Broughton


Since 2002 a previously unknown site in the northern Scottish Isles of Orkney has been revealing some of its secrets. Recent archeological discoveries at the Ness of Brodgar point to an early Neolithic culture in Orkney that was far more extensive and developed than previously thought. The Heart of Orkney World Heritage Site already boasted the finest chambered cairn in Europe at Maeshowe, the third largest stone circle in the world at the Ring of Brodgar and the even older Stones of Stenness, all within sight of one another. We took a tour group to Orkney last September as an add-on to our ‘Highlands & Islands of Scotland Tour’ and its fair to say that everyone was hugely impressed by the sacred sites on Orkney. Personally the dramatic Stones of Stenness was my favourite place, I just didn’t want to leave, although being inside the awe-inspiring Maeshowe was also a peak experience on Orkney as well.

Now the evidence is starting to show that the remarkable structures were even more widespread and more monumental than expected. Its even being speculated that the megalithic culture of Britain so magnificently expressed in such monuments as Stonehenge and Avebury might have started in Orkney and then migrated south (at the moment this is still speculation). Much of these new ideas are arising out of the ongoing seasonal excavation at the Ness of Brodgar site, situated between the Stones of Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar. This link to the website and video give more information on what the team has been finding over the last decade

Non-Invasive Ground Technologies

At the same time new techniques, such as ground-penetrating radar and high resolution magnetometers, have been used by the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project to create the first ever detailed understanding of the whole landscape around the world-famous stones on Salisbury Plain. This has allowed digital mapping to create a visual interpretation of features hidden beneath the ground as well as a reinterpretation of known features above ground. Many different, sometimes conflicting, theories are put forward about Stonehenge especially about what its purpose was, who built it and how the stones were moved. This new information may shed light on these mysteries and help us move towards a better understanding of our ancestors and the world we inhabit. We visit Stonehenge for private special access before the crowds arrive in the morning on both of our England tours – ‘Gateway Into the Mystery; Cornwall & Southwest England’ and also our ‘Mysteries of England Sacred Sites Tour; Stonehenge to Avalon’ – check them out, these two tours are very different 

Latent Dowsing Potential

Just twenty miles north of Stonehenge lies Avebury Landscape Temple including the largest stone circle in the world, the two largest artificial hills in Europe (Silbury & Merlin’s Mound) as well as many barrows and other Neolithic structures, some now hidden beneath the ground. Another way to know what is happening beneath the ground at sacred sites is to use dowsing, the ancient geomantic art of finding non-visible energies and underground water. We have been doing this for many years and showing tour participants how each person has this ability that can be awakened. Our guest presenters on the ‘Mysteries of England Tour’ this July are recognized experts in the field of dowsing.

Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare have about thirty years combined experience of detecting Earth Energies and have written a groundbreaking book of their findings following the currents associated with the Belinus Line. They are currently working on several projects based on Earth energies and the power of place that they will share with us during our day together.

Maria Wheatley is a second-generation master dowser who has spent many years studying Avebury and its underlying water and energy currents as well as Stonehenge and other ancient sacred sites. Maria has authored several books on the subject of sacred sites and Earth Energies. Dowsing sacred sites provides insights and information about our ancestors, their wisdom base and how they utilized it for their benefit whilst being in harmony with the Earth, a lesson we need to learn today.

Intuition/Psychic Abilities

One thing that many people involved with ancient sacred sites will tell you is that the more you visit places in the landscape revered by our ancestors the more open you become to flashes of intuition or paranormal abilities. Science has been slow to acknowledge the validity of such things even when repeated experiences hammer on the door of the intellect. No such problem for another of our guest presenters on the ‘Mysteries of England Tour’, Jude Currivan. An intuitive since childhood Jude learnt to work with such abilities whilst also embracing the scientific approach and intellect - she has a doctorate and a masters degree! Her writings on our human collective psyche are new and relevant for our times.


Once some tantalizing information has been brought to light by one of the methods already mentioned then its always rewarding to see what previous authors or generations have had to say on the subject. Many of the people mentioned above are very thorough researchers helping them to discover forgotten gems of wisdom or joining up the dots that others have missed. Anthony Murphy, our guide to Newgrange & Knowth on our ‘Magic of Celtic Ireland Tour’, is just such a person. He is helping bring a fuller understanding of the wisdom of the ancestors and how they incorporated astronomical alignments and their cosmological worldview into their sacred sites.


Knowledge for its own sake falls short without the wisdom of how to apply it to our daily lives. The ancient Celtic perspective on life honoured nature and its cycles upon which we are so dependent. Their wheel of the year and the eight seasonal festivals were not only key to their lives but they incorporated their entire philosophy and spirituality. The reverend Karyl Huntley has been so drawn to this way of seeing the world and life that it forms the basis for her ministry. She wrote a book “Everyday Rituals” that describes many simple rituals that can transform your life. She co-leads a tour with us each year and this year it is our new tour ‘Gateway Into the Mystery; Cornwall & Southwest England’. Karyl and Cameron will lead ceremonies to go deeper into the mysteries. (We always have ceremony on all our tours.)

Personal Experience

There is no substitute for personally experiencing places of power especially when you go with some understanding gained from the hard work of others who have used the approaches above to discover more about what our ancestors were doing at the sacred sites. Cameron, Glenn and JWS guides always share knowledge and wisdom they have gained over many year’s experience and then always allow time for each person to experience the sites in their own way. This may be walking the site, sitting in meditation/reflection, discussion or personal ceremony. We each walk our own path and if we do so with openness and integrity all will be well.



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